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Eric Clapton - Boomerang

Sydney, Australia - November 13, 1984 - lun - Aud 2

Track List:
  1. Motherless Children
  2. I Shot the Sheriff
  3. Tulsa Time
  4. Badge
  5. Let it Rain
  6. Cocaine
  7. Layla
  8. That's All Right >
  9. Have You Ever Loved a Woman >
  10. Rambling On My Mind

Geetarz Comments:

A miserable audience recording. Interesting, there may have been a second version of this release, with an interview segnemt with Phil Collins at the end, during which he speaks about EC's session work on his "Roof is Leaking" track, and plays a few outtakes. Interesting stuff - and far better than the poor quality of the concert!