Eric Clapton - Bray Studios
London, England - October, 1984 - DVD-R1

Comments: In October 1984, EC and his band gathered in London to rehearse for the upcoming Australian tour. This single camera, tripod mounted audience shot video documents one of the final "dress rehearsals" at the end of the month. Quality is only fair, due to age and the equipment used, and although the picture is steady this may be below the threshold of what most casual fans could watch and enjoy. Still, it is an entertaining and enlightening look at the preperations for a tour, amusingly enough even including EC rehearsing his stage patter by saying "blah blah, blah blah blah blah" between songs. This is amusing, of course, since most EC fans know that unless he's had a few drinks before a performance, the crowd is lucky to get a "good evening" and "good night" out of 'Ol Slowhand, so it's funny that he rehearses speaking to the crowd when it's usually not on his agenda! Nicely authored DVD-R1 with menu.