Eric Clapton - David Letterman Show
New York, New York - May 8, 1985 - CD-R1 - SB 4

Track List:

  1. Introduction / Host Monologue
  2. Layla
  3. Lay Down Sally
  4. White Room
  5. Forever Man
  6. Further On Up the Road
  7. Same Old Blues
  8. Knock On Wood
  9. Outro

Comments: Complete show, audio only on CD. Interestingly, this is apparently from a control room master as it includes the portions of the performance not broadcast on TV, minus the programme fades. EC appeared and sat in with the band, there was no formal interview segment. Nicely done, and an interesting document for any EC fan as this was the first time EC had played "White Room" in years (apparently at the request of the band), and it has been part of his setlist off and on ever since. Although this is a more complete document of the performance than the actual broadcast, it *is* missing EC's snappy answer to a music trivia question brought up during the show in a discussion between the host and one of the guests, comedian Fred Willard.

Here one can find a few tasty morsels from the show:

During the introductions ...

At the end of the broadcast ...

This one's just for Slowhander Sol ... so we can see if he's paying attention!