Blossom Music Center
Cleveland, OH - June 22, 1985 - CD-R2 - SB 5

Disc 1:

  1. Motherless Children (incomplete)
  2. I Shot the Sheriff
  3. Same Old Blues
  4. Tangled in Love
  5. White Room
  6. Stepping Out (Shaun Murphy)
  7. Wonderful Tonight
  8. She's Waiting
  9. Something is Wrong With My Baby (Marcy Levy)
  10. Badge
  11. Let it Rain

Disc 2:

  1. Double Trouble
  2. Cocaine
  3. Layla
  4. Talk to tbe Boss
  5. Further On Up the Road
  6. Layla (*)
  7. Further On Up the Road (*)

Comments: Boisterous crowd, when EC introduces Shaun Murphy he, amused, tells the crowd "you can carry on screaming now". When Marcy Levy is introduced she tells the crowd "hey, I'm from around here!". An excellent soundboard, however it is unfortunately incomplete, missing "Tulsa Time" and the beginning of "Motherless Children", as well as the end of "She's Waiting". (*) Last two tracks on Disc 2 are from unknown venue, and slightly inferior in quality (SB 4).