Eric Clapton - Soaring With the Hawk
Tempe, Arizona - July 21, 1985 - CD-R2 - Aud 3

Disc 1:

  1. Tulsa Time
  2. Motherless Children
  3. I Shot the Sheriff
  4. Same Old Blues
  5. Tangled in Love
  6. White Room
  7. Steppin' Out (Shaun Murphy)
  8. Wonderful Tonight
  9. She's Waiting
  10. She Loves You (Marcy Levy)

Disc 2:

  1. Badge
  2. Let it Rain
  3. Double Trouble
  4. Cocaine
  5. Layla
  6. Forever Man
  7. Further On Up the Road

Geetarz Comments: For many years only three songs from this performance were available in trading circles, this release is the complete performance, taken directly from the master cassette recording.

Visitor Comments: "I am also the source of the July 21, 1985 Compton Terrace show. I had seen EC the weekend before televised on Live Aid, and was so blown away, I drove to Arizona to see him. Compton Terrace is actually in Tempe, Arizona- you may want to note that in your write up (correct it). This show was significant for several reasons. Firstly, I had the whole show up to the point of "Double Trouble", when a security person saw me preserving the show while he was responding to an injured fan (she was drunk and fell off the barricade in front of the stage- we, my wife and I, were at the barricade). Needless to say he confiscated my work to that point. However, I simply began again and got the two and a half songs you have, plus the encore. [Geetarz Note: Hawk later found the complete recording of this performance listed here] You can actually hear my wife exclaim "When's he going to stop?!?" during "Cocaine" as she was very exhausted from the drive and the heat in Arizona in July. The Second reason why the show is significant was because it was the first time I met EC in person. I got back stage and talked with him for awhile. I've met him five or six times since for lunch whenever he comes to town." - Bill "Hawk" [Geetarz note: sadly, Hawk passed away unexpectedly in 2004 and will be fondly remembered]