Eric Clapton - Royal Albert Hall
London, England - February 4, 1988 - DVD-R2

Track List:

  1. Crossroads
  2. White Room
  3. I Shot the Sheriff
  4. Wonderful Tonight
  5. Run
  6. Same Old Blues
  7. Tearing Us Apart
  8. Holy Mother
  9. Badge
  10. Let it Rain
  11. Cocaine
  12. A Remark You Made
  13. Layla
  14. Behind the Mask
  15. Sunshine of Your Love
  16. Money For Nothing
  17. Further On Up the Road

Comments: Tripod audience shot DVD taken from the soundboard area, nice and steady but given the source resolution and distance, things are a bit far away. Still, a nice document of a good performance! DVD-R2 with menus.