Eric Clapton - Baltimore Blues
Recorded live in Richmond, Virginia on April 22, 1985 - Prequest - CD 158 - SB 5

Track List:
1) Tulsa Time
2) Tangled in Love
3) Behind the Sun
4) Wonderful Tonight
5) She's Waiting
6) Badge
7) Let it Rain
8) I Shot the Sheriff
9) Same Old Blues
10) Blues Power
11) Layla
12) Forever Man
13) Further On Up the Road

Note: This disc runs slightly fast, and is a bit thin and trebly sounding. The show is also incomplete and edited in parts - in particular Duck Dunn's introduction of EC during "Further On Up the Road" is missing. A great show, but "Talk to the Boss" is a much better recording, and preferable. The show was not, in fact, recorded at Baltimore, but in Richmond, Virginia.