Eric Clapton - Behind the Sun Sessions
1984 - Audifon Deutschland AF007 - SB 4

Track List:

  1. She's Waiting
  2. Heaven is One Step Away 1
  3. Same Old Blues
  4. One Jump Ahead
  5. Jail Bait 1
  6. Nobody Knows Like I Know
  7. Too Bad
  8. Never Make You Cry
  9. Just Like a Prisoner
  10. Heaven is One Step Away 2
  11. One Jump Ahead 2
  12. Jail Bait 2
  13. Tangled in Love
  14. Knock on Wood

Comments: Please note that as with the ARMS title, the tracks contained on this release that are found on "Behind the Sun" are identical to their officially released counterparts. Several of these tracks, notably "Too Bad" and "Heaven is One Step Away" later saw official release on the "Crossroads" boxset, leaving only the forgettable "Jail Bait" of interest here. Recommended only for diehard compleatists.