The Concert for New York City - The Geetarz DVD
New York, New York - October 20, 2001 - Geetarz - DVD-R2

Comments: The "Concert for New York City", broadcast live, was a special moment in time - something fleeting, and a feeling soon gone. Of course the sensible thing to do would have been to simply put the entire thing, from beginning to end, on the official DVD release - but that simply can't happen. Why? Suits. Middle managers. The useless one-third of the population who stand between those who think, and those who do. You see, if concerts were simply released in their entirety, as they were performed, with no edits or tomfoolery, an entire cadre of middle level chair warmers would have to go out and instead find meaningful work.

Following the age-old wisdom of "if you can't get it done right, do it yourself", we present to you "The Concert for New York City: The Geetarz DVD". Sourced from the digital satellite replay of the entire performance broadcast on December 25, 2001. No edits, no extras, no secondary audio tracks, no director's commentary, no menus - no bullshit. Just the fuckin' concert.

And isn't that all you REALLY wanted, anyway?