AC/DC - Rock in Rio
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - January 19, 1985 - Zetti - DVD-004 - DVD-R1

Geetarz Comments: Nicely authored DVD direct from VHS master (broadcast).

Visitor Comments" "Fancy that! To come across a site about one of the best shows I have ever seen. My name is Marcus and i was born in Rio de Janeiro, and in 1985 I was 18 and made sure not to miss such an event. On that night I also saw Whitesnake, Ozzy and Scorpions. But the night belonged to the boys from down under. What a gig!! 22 years on and I still remember like if it was only few summers ago. Since then I moved to the UK ( Norwich ) and have been here since. I've managed to catch one or two more gigs, the latest one - AC/DC at Hammersmith Apollo in 2003. Good concert, too. But you just can't compare the two. Back in 1985 they were at their best and the atmosphere of 200,000 screaming brazilian funs cannot be matched! Just ask the guys from Rush!" - Anon