Roy Buchanan - My Father's Place
Roslyn, New York - May 6, 1978 - CD-R1 - SB 5 (Pre-FM)

Track List:

  1. Intro (soundcheck)
  2. Just Got Back From New York (soundcheck)
  3. Further On Up the Road
  4. Soul Dressing
  5. I'm a Ram / I'm Evil
  6. Walkin' Talkin'
  7. Baby Won't You Tell Me Where You're At
  8. Hey Joe / Foxy Lady
  9. Slow Down
  10. The Messiah Will Come Again
  11. Crowd
  12. Lonely Days, Lonely Nights
  13. Outro
Geetarz Comments: An upgrade to the more commonly available FM Broadcast of this performance. This recording, from a copy of the pre-FM master tapes, contains the entire performance plus soundchecks. Recommended.

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