Danny Gatton - Smithsonian Mall
See Below for dates and venues - CD-R from private DAT - quality varies

Danny Gatton Trio 3-jul-1994
Smithsonian Mall Washington, DC

rate=48.0kHz scms=11 source=sbd* time=00:57
*note=source could be aud, but it is very clean
heritage=approx 2nd gen vhs>dat
trio=Gatton with John Previti (bass), Timm Biery (drums)

Gatton+AllStars 2-dec-1992
Tornado Alley Wheaton, MD

rate=48.0kHz scms=11 source=sbd time=00:11
note=from legit Dave Elliot benefit cassette, featuring:
Gatton, Principato, Kirchen, Big Joe

Danny Gatton 16-feb-1989
Club Soda Washington, DC

rate=48.0kHz scms=11 source=aud time=00:47