Eric Johnson - Austin City Limits
Compilation - Geetarz 197 - DVD-R1

Comments: Contains all of Eric Johnson's Austin City Limits performances to date. 1984 and 1988 shows are sourced from 3rd generation VHS. The 1996 show is sourced from master VHS tape. The 2000 show is sourced direct to DVD from digital satellite. This is it until we can convince the powers that be to release these shows officially! A Geetarz production.

Eric Johnson is simply without reservation one of the single finest singer / songwriter / guitar players to ever roam the earth, and truly a GOD of TONE to be worshipped. However, Eric - and more particularly his management, are rabidly anti-fan in their attitude towards taping and sharing of music. The lame excuse given is typically that they do not want to see "substandard" performances available, which begs the question: if the artist and management feel that the performance is substandard, do the folks who paid for tickets get a refund? Obviously not. Therefore as much as we dig EJ's music, and will continue to purchase his albums, instructional videos, etc., we must suggest that given a choice between going out to pay to see this artist versus another, more fan friendly band on the same night, we will come down on the side of supporting those bands who support their fans. We're sure that they are nice folks, probably kind to puppies and old people, but just with slightly weird ideas about their music.