John Fogerty - Live By Request
Englewood, New Jersey - September 22, 2004 - DVD-R1

Comments: John Fogerty is one of those artists who simply stands alone. There may be many blues type singers - but there's only one Howlin' Wolf. There are a lot of folk artists - there's only one Bob Dylan. And like Dylan, Fogerty has always had some singing quirks that have ... well, they make him sound like John Fogerty! But also like Dylan, as he has aged, those quirks seem to have become more and more pronounced to almost the point of annoyance. Just as Bob Dylan now sings (if you want to call it that) exclusively through his nose, whereas Fogerty used to for instance sing "Big wheel keep on toinin', Proud Mary keep on 'boinin", now we're progressed to the point where it's become a caricature: "Big wheel keep on toynnnnneeeennnnn, Proud Mary keep on boyneeeeennnnn". Now the difference, I think ... is that I really think Bob Dylan does it on purpose just because he's Bob Dylan. But I don't think Fogerty can help it!

Jokes aside, Fogerty's definitely aged a bit but can still rock with the best, and his songwriting chops are as strong as ever. DigiSat -> PC -> DVD.