Danny Gatton - Live at the Roxy

Washington, D.C. - May 26, 1989 - Geetarz 131/132 - SB 5

Geetarz Comments:

Sourced from a pro shot videotape of Danny Gatton's performance at Washington D.C.'s Roxy Theater. The original soundboard audio is of good quality, but unfortunately the overall levels are low and Danny's guitar is somewhat buried in the mix, presumably because he was playing at a fairly high stage volume. This CD set attempts to rectify some of these shortcomings, normalizing the overall volume, applying some gentle hiss reduction while still maintaining a crisp top end and dynamics, and most importanly some delicate EQ work that brings Danny's guitar sound to the fore where it belongs. All is not perfect - these changes have led to a slight but noticeable drop during vocal segments. We'd like to take another crack at this again sometime, or better still find someone with a more deft hand willing to try to work some further magic with this one. But overall, this is a dramatic improvement in the original, and since the majority of the concert is instrumental rather than vocal, moves this performance from the "nice" category into the "must have" category.