Jimi Hendrix - The Atlanta Pop Festival
Atlanta, Ga. - July 4, 1970 - DVD-R1

Geetarz Comments: Nicely filmed and authored DVD with full motion menus, track indexes, and freatures lots of shirtless teenage hippie chicks who hadn't yet figured out that the sixties were over and that it was time to go out and get a job. A nicely made time capsule, even if Hendrix wasn't quite at the top of his game.

Visitor Comments: "Actually this is a fine performance by Hendrix and Mitchell/Cox. Jimi does look tired, but - as usual, some amazing guitar work. The last year of his life, Jimi was trying to get away from the showmanship that started his career. No more smashing of guitars, etc. He wanted to concentrate on the guitar, and boy did he. One thing I've noticed though. Even in concerts where he looks tired, like Atlanta or Isle of Wight - he always pulls out all the stops when he plays Foxy Lady. Even playing with his teeth. Some of his solos are amazing - check out Spanish Castle Magic for a fine example. And hey, Hendrix playin the Star Spangled Banner with fireworks in the sky on the 4th of July. It doesn't get any better than that, folks." - Anon.

Visitor Comments: "Hendrix, Midnight 7-4-70 Byron, GA, Middle Georgia Raceway. I was in the stands, top row of the fenced off speedway seats, watching through binoculars. tripping, with fireworks going off from the middle of the raceway track field, coming down all around us in the stands... seems like 6 months ago, not 39 years..." - Anon

Visitor Comments: "I was there and it was the most beautiful thing, I was quite shocked when I saw people running around naked but it was so hot I cut my shorts off as far up as I could get them. I remember the fire department coming out and watering everyone and I thought that was the coolest. Jim Hendrix was the reason we went and I to this dayI'll never regret seeing him as I had so many times before and the other musicians. It was a great experience I will neve forget as long as I live. " - Anon