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James Taylor - Live in Syracuse

Syracuse, New York - Febraury 6/7, 1970 - CD-R4 - SB 4

Disc 1: February 6, 1970 (Early Set)
  1. Pretty Boy Floyd Intro
  2. Pretty Boy Floyd
  3. Yesterday
  4. Steamroller Blues
  5. Country Roads
  6. Duncan and Brady
  7. Hushabye
  8. Something in the Way She Moves
  9. Taking it In
  10. If I Needed Someone
  11. Sweet Baby James
  12. People Get Ready
  13. Sunshine, Sunshine
  14. Diamonds in the Rough
Disc 2: February 6, 1970 (Late Show)
  1. Rainy Day Man
  2. Diamond Joe
  3. Coca Cola Ray Charles
  4. Machine Gun Kelly
  5. Anywhere Like Heaven
  6. Fire and Rain
  7. Circle Round the Sun
  8. Will the Circle Be Unbroken
  9. Carolina On My Mind
  10. Sunshine, Sunshine
  11. Dixie
  12. Hallelujah I Love You So
  13. Blossom
  14. Sunny Skies
  15. Brighten Your Night With My Day

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Disc 3: February 7, 1970 (Early Set)
  1. Country Road
  2. Steamroller Blues
  3. Pretty Boy Floyd
  4. Sunny Skies
  5. Sunshine, Sunshine
  6. Sweet Baby James
  7. Duncan and Brady
  8. Carolina on My Mind
  9. Dixie
  10. Blossom
  11. Something's Wrong
  12. Anywhere in Heaven
Disc 2: February 7, 1970 (Late Set)
  1. Opening
  2. Brighten Your Night With My Day
  3. Hushabye
  4. Coca Cola Ray Charles
  5. Knockin' Round the Zoo
  6. Snuff Commercial
  7. Circle Round the Sun
  8. Rainy Day Man
  9. Something in the Way She Moves
  10. Satisfied Mind
  11. Yesterday
  12. Hallelujah I Love You So
  13. Carolina On My Mind
  14. Diamonds in the Rough
  15. Sweet Baby James

Visitor Comments:

These two volumes are a fascinating document for fans of James Taylor.

Shortly after releasing his first album on Warner Bros. Records, James Taylor played a tour of clubs on the East Coast. During his stop at the Jaberwocky Club in Syracuse, NY, the shows were recorded for radio. Taylor played solo, without a band, and as he only had two albums out at the time (the Warners LP and his album for the Beatles Apple label) his sets were peppered with cover songs and other oddities Ė including some chestnut Beatles songs and Taylorís take on a Ray Charles Coca Cola commercial as well as a "snuff" commercial he recalled from childhood.

These four discs represent two nights, two sets a night, for the young troubadour. We donít know who the other act is on the bill he mentions, but apparently they were similar performers. Taylorís humor is evident, as well as his gentle and crafty guitar playing.

These discs are the nicest sounding of those circulating (a combination of one set each from each night have been trading for years), though not without a few flaws. While most of the dead air and guitar tuning have been edited out, the February 6 early show finds Taylorís foot tapping causing the guitar mic to vibrate and rattle. The sonics are a tad muddy overall. But these small quibbles aside, these are literally the only recordings of James Taylor as a young folkie, virtually on the cusp of his stardom, and essential to any collection.