Peter Green Splinter Group In Concert
2003 Tour - Eagle DVD - EV 30045-9 - 147 min.

Comments: "Peter Green is Back", proclaims the back jacket of this DVD release. Yes, he is back - but at the same time, he isn't quite the Peter Green of old, either. More refined, and considerably more restrained, he leaves much of the lead work to the capable Nigel Watson - and the good news here is that Watson does a fantastic impersonation of the old Peter Green. Green himself seems a tad lost at times, perhaps a bit fragile, yet showing a complete control of his instruments (acoustic and electric guitar, as well as a mean blues harp). Watson takes the direction of a crack band including Roger Cotton (keys and a mean rhythm guitar), Peter Stroud (Bass), and Larry Tolfree (Drums). Beautiful authoring job complements the acoustic and electric sets (presented seperately) with well done animated menus and extras, and rounds off nicely with not only Dolby Digital 5.1 surround but DTS surround as well. The anamorphic widescreen enhanced 16:9 video is well filmed and a visual treat. Nothing here breaking new ground or setting the world on fire, but still tasty and worthwhile. Recommended. Also converted to CD for listening enjoyment on the move!