Danny Gatton - Redneck Jazz Explosion
December 30 and 31, 1978, Cellar Door, Washington, DC. - CD-R3 from private sbd. DAT - sb6

Track List: (31 December) Opener, Song of India, Rock Candy, Deep Purple, Charlie Christian, Atkins - Mess Around, Lucy and Linus, Song For Father, Deep Purple, Comin' Home, Intro and Close (30 December) Opus de Funk, Ode to Billy Joe, Canadian Sunset, Filthy Menasty. Rock Candy, When Sunny Gets Blue, Killer Joe, Make Believe, lil' darlin.

Note: this is the source material from which "Redneck Jazz Explosion" was culled. Incredible Stuff. "Song of India" is purely Hypnotic.

Heritage = probably reel > CAS(dg) > CAS (mp> > DAT > CD-R

Digitized = may 1997 Denon CAS > Sony 59ES DAT (ADC Only) > Panasonic 3700 > HHb CD-R 800