Santana - 20th Anniversary Reunion
Sunrise, Florida - April 19, 1988 - CD-R1 - SB 6

Track List:

  1. Everybody's Everything
  2. Black Magic Woman
  3. Gypsy Queen
  4. Oye Como Va
  5. Samb Pa Ti
  6. Batjka
  7. No One to Depend On
  8. Spirits Dancing in the Flesh
  9. Healer
  10. Smooth Criminal
  11. Europa
  12. Cloud Nine
  13. Soul Sacrifice
  14. Once It's Gotcha
Visitor Comments: The show actually took place on 11/25/88 at the Sunrise Music Theater, Ft. Lauderdale. The running order on the cd is also not correct. It was:

The Healer
Batuka/No One To Depend On
Smooth Criminal
Black Magic Woman/Gypsy Queen
Oye Como Va
Goodness And Mercy
Cloud Nine
Everybody's Everything/Toussaint L'Overture
Soul Sacrifice/Aranjuez/?
Blues For Salvador
Deeper, Dig Deeper/Band Introduction