Split Enz - Hammersmith Odeon

London, England - 1981 - CD-R1 - TBA

Track List:
  1. I Wouldn't Dream of It
  2. Poor Boy
  3. One Step Ahead
  4. Missing Person
  5. Walking Through the Ruins
  6. Ghost Girl
  7. I Got You
  8. I Don't Want to Dance
  9. What's the Matter With You?
  10. I Hope I Never
  11. In the Water
  12. Nobody Takes Me Seriously

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Visitor Comments:

Split Enz were New Zealand Icons. Local boys made good! Gaudy costumes, great arty/pop songs and amazing live shows. They toured extensively and made their base, and name, in England where they almost made it big. Their return home tours were always extremely well received.

This show was broadcast on one of the new FM stations (Radio was just opening up in the early 80's in NZ - FM was something new and exciting - rock music after midnight!) and as a big fan I got some high quality tapes and captured it.

As things went on the Enz split up, became Crowded House and found a following Enz never did (a Number 2 in the States even) whereas I discovered Clapton, Robert Johnson, and Ronnie Wood erc. etc.)

Move on almost 20 years, and there I am cleaning out a box of old tapes. Most went out into the rubbish, but I had a listen to the Enz tape ... and it was good. I remembered that a guy at work liked the Enz and asked if he was interested in the tape. It turns out this guy was a rabid Enz collector - and all things connected (Split Enz / Crowded House / Tim and Neil Finn / The Swingers / and a multitude of other connected stuff) and the Hammersmith show was a long rumored show that he'd long been looking for - his Holy Grail of Shows ... and there I was about to throw it out! He happily took the tape off my hands, copied it to CD and has been trading it ever since. It goes to show really. One man's rubbish etc.

While not everyone's cup of tea, it's still a great show and captures them almost at their peak!