Sting - Wembley Arena
London, England - October 30, 1991 - CD-R2 - TBA
Disc 1:
1) All This Time 
2) Jeremiah Blues (Part 1)
3) Mad About You
4) Driven To Tears / Ain't No Sunshine
5) Why Should I Cry For You / Jamaica Farewell
6) Be Still My Beating Heart
7) Roxanne
8) Bring On The Night
9) When The World Is Running Down
Disc 2: 
1) Fortress Around Your Heart
2) The Wild Wild Sea
3) Soul Cages
4) Purple Haze
5) If You Love Someone / We'll Be Together
6) Walking On The Moon
7) Every Breathe You Take
8) Message In A Bottle
9) Fragile

Comments: Some sources list the date of this performance as November 30, not October 30. Broadcast by BBC Radio One on December 3, 1991. During "Every Breath You Take" Sting sang a few lines of "Happy Birthday" to his drummer. "What shall we do, Vinnie?", Vinnie started "Message In A Bottle" immediately. Sting added a few lines of "Can't Stand Losing You" to this song. Sting dedicated "Fragile" to Freddy Mercury, lead singer of Queen, who died of Aids in London on 21-11-1991.