Sting - Royal Albert Hall
London, England - March 27, 2000 - CD-R2 - SB 6
Disc 1:
1)  A Thousand Years
2)  If You Somebody Set Them Free
3)  After The Rain Has Fallen
4)  We'll Be Together
5)  Perfect Love Gone Wrong
6)  All This Time
7)  Seven Days
8)  Mad About You
9)  I'm So Happy I Can't Stop Crying
10)  Fill Her Up 
Disc 2:
1)  Fields Of Gold
2)  Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic
3)  Englishman In New York
4)  Brand New Day
5)  Roxanne
6)  Desert Rose
7)  If I Ever Lose My Faith In You
8)  Every Breath You Take
9)  Fragile (encore)

Comments: Broadcast by Radio 2. Guest artist B.J. Cole plays pedal steel guitar on "I'm So Happy..." and "Fill Her Up". The thing I don't understand is why the end of "Fill..." is on disc 2 which really kinda sucks. Cheb Mami is vocalist on Desert Rose. (PT).