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Sting - Art of the Heart
Los Angeles, Ca. - July 27, 1988 - CD-R3 - SB 6

Disc 1:

  1. Someone to Watch Over Me
  2. Sister Moon
  3. The Lazarus Heart
  4. Too Much Information
  5. Englishman in New York
  6. Rock Steady
  7. Straight to the Heart
  8. Tempted
  9. One World (Not Three)
  10. If You Love Somebody, Set Them Free

Disc 2:

  1. Bring On the Night
  2. When the World is Running Down
  3. Lonely House
  4. The Idiot Bastard Song
  5. I Don't Wanna Be
  6. L.A. Promise
  7. Instrumental
  8. They Dance Alone
  9. Consider Me Gone
  10. King of Pain

Disc 3:

  1. Be Still My Beating Heart
  2. Walking in Your Footsteps
  3. Fragile
  4. Little Wing
  5. The Secret Marriage
  6. Don't Stand So Close to Me
  7. Mack the Knife
  8. Cairo Mie Bien
  9. Ne Me Quitte
  10. Home on the Ranch
  11. Every Breath You Take

Comments: There were serious plans to release (parts of) this show on a live album. Eventually this never came about, but this bootleg "The Art Of The Heart" of the complete show was released in October 1992. This was sort of a secret show to be played with very short notice in a very small venue. The show which included a lot of covers, such as Frank Zappa's "The Idiot Bastard Son". After the break Kenny and Branford performed Kenny's instrumental "Blasphemy". To introduce "Consider Me Gone", Sting told the audience: "I was singing this next song, I think in San Francisco last week and while I was singing it I couldn't help thinking of George Bush, so I want you to think about George as I sing this song." Bush was running for President. Before Mackie Messer: "We just came from a tour of Europe. At this point of the show every night I come on and I do a song in the language of the country I was performing in. [..] It shows some kind of respect for the culture and the people you are playing to, and also they go fucking crazy when you do. So tonight, just for the fun of it I'm gonna do a song in German, a song in Italian, a song in French, and then I'm gonna play you what I play in the mid-west of America. You'll be surprised." Before "Caro Mio Ben": "What I'm not gonna play here tonight is an awful version of the William Tell Ouverture which we fucked up in Switzerland. This song is Italian. You'll like this if you like pizza."   

Very enjoyable, fun show. Highly suggested!