Saturday, September 09, 2006

Dreary Dreaded Downloaders?

In life we all seem to appreciate more what we have worked the hardest to obtain.

More importantly, people are oftentimes better judged by their actions than their words or intentions. It's one thing to say "I am really going to try hard to get up early every day and work out" ... and it's another thing to hit the jogging patch at the buttcrack of dawn in the rain.

There is a bit of a culture gap between longtime tapers and traders and the newer ... "downloaders" for lack of a better word. Are this newer breed as dedicated to quality in collecting, or is the easy availability of downloaded music creating a generation of apathetic listeners?

Interesting bit of research in this article ... hopefully over the long haul these fears will be overstated.

One flaw in this article is that the authors didn't really work to distinguish the "mp3 dweebies" from serious users of sites like Bittorrent. From my experience ... it's a different type of user altogether.

Funny, tho, Pete Townshend warning about hearing loss from mp3 players ... an iPod doesn't hold much of a chance matched up versus a few HiWatt stacks ...



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