Ronnie Scott's '87
London, England - October 6, 1987 - lun - BG 321/368 - Aud 5

Disc 1:
1) Sweet Home Chicago
2) Play the Blues
3) Key to the Highway
4) Walking the Dog
5) Stormy Monday 1
6) Real Mother For Ya
7) Stormy Monday 2
8) Jam
9) Worried Life Blues 1
10) Worried Life Blues 2

Disc 2:
1) Hurt So Bad
2) Wanna Make Love to You

Bonus Tracks, Dingwalls on December 3, 1985

3) Someday Baby
4) Early In the Morning
5) Rock Me Baby

Comments: A stunning performance, highly recommended. Several sources refer to this disc as a soundboard but it's actually an excellent quality audience recording. Recorded in a small club, it does not have the "boominess" associated with many audience recordings. Buddy Guy's guitar is clearly audible, and at the same volume level in the mix as EC's - this is not the case with the soundboard material recorded and broadcast from the show, in which Guy's guitar is very low in the mix and almost inaudible. A careful listen during quiet passages reveals that all instruments have some room reverb, as opposed to the "close" sound associated with being close-miked. In particular, listen carefully on headphones during the (stunning) performance of "Wanna Make Love to You" and the room echo on all instruments is easy to identify during quiet passages. "Wanna Make Love" is one of the down-and-dirtiest, funky, greasy blues numbers you will ever hear - this is one that will grow hair on your chest. An excellent recording but available in even better quality on Single Malt Scotch.