Thursday, September 14, 2006

"Judge Not, Lest ye Be Judged"

As someone who is very judgmental about other's taste in music (remember, kids, the 'c' in 'rap' is silent!) this study provided some food for thought.

Okay, I'll come clean... in amongst the classics, I have a few guilty pleasures.

Men at Work.

Mister Mister.

I do dig "Every Body Have Fun Tonight", even though I have no freakin' idea what a WANG CHUNG is.

And then of course ... The Bay City Rollers.

Oh ... the shame!



Anonymous Slowfinger said...

You have a blog! Let me add you to my blogroll, quickly (which sort of is of course a quote). Now see if you can spot who I am (see above) LOL
Clue: I can only speak English by pre-packaged chunks of sentences pronounced on stage by Someone Else... Welcome back !!

12:08 PM  

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