Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The Power of Perception

Public Relations exists for one reason only: to establish a perception in the minds of consumers. And too often, this perception becomes reality for many people. It's always interesting to see how ingrained this bias can become into the fabric of our lives.

Of course all fields of human experience have their own perceptions ... business, politics, religion ... even entertainment, in this case music.

The online CD Database services are an interesting study in group dynamics. These services accept user submissions of CD track information, and publish them for others to use.

As an example, Eric Clapton has played and performed many music in many different genres ... blues, rock, pop, adult contemporary, classical, and even a few techno tracks. But the Perception in most people's minds is that:

Eric Clapton = Blues

Take a stroll through the online CD database files and you will find that almost all Clapton related material - no matter what genre it really is in - has been tagged as "Blues" by the average user.

Perception ... or Reality?


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