Thursday, October 12, 2006

Essential Firefox Extensions

If you're NOT using Firefox as your browser - why NOT?

It's small, it's fast, it's tight performs well. Better still, it's easy to upgrade and I've found the following extensions to be essential and useful:

1) I installed the "Abe Vigoda status" Firefox plugin on my machine mainly because the Bea Arthur plugin, in the unfortunate event that such a thing was available, would in all probability cause me to develop some sort of psychosis.

Being able to see Abe's friendly visage peering at me when online, and knowing that he is alive also creates a warm fuzzy feeling of well being. Sort of like an irish coffee. Without the alcohol. Or the coffee. Or the sugar. Or the whipped cream. Sort of.

But basically it simply appeals to my sense of whimsy.

On the other hand, I feel compelled to point out that whereas I previously had no firmly held opinions about the health status - or, more to the point, alive-ness - of Abe Vigoda, I am now compelled to check his health status every few minutes.

2) I would also recommend the Bork!Bork! plugin, which works in both FireFox and Thunderbird. Trust me, there are some sites/emails which are so much more tolerable in faux Swedish. Spam is more entertaining this way ;)

3) Forecastfox:

4) Linky:

This is one of those things that, once you are used to it, you can't imagine surfing without!

5) Nuke Anything Enhanced:

(useful content blocking)

6) Adblock

(is there anyone who DOESN'T have this installed?)

7) And last but certainly not least, the newest version of BugMeNot:

The newest version of the plugin now even fills in form data automagically. As a news junkie who begins every day about 5:30am by news sites, bypassing compulsory registration certainly comes in handy as it saves me from having to remember if what age/gender/race/etc. I have given them when I'm half asleep. Someday I'd love to get a look at the internal data collected by those types of forms ... the bell curve must look a little uneven because *no one* actually gives out accurate data ... do they?



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