Sunday, February 22, 2009

Blues at the Beacon

This weekend, we had the treat of seeing blues legends BB King and Buddy Guy at the Beacon Theater in Manhattan. In inimitable New York fashion, before we were treated to a scene on the sidewalk as scalpers worked the crowd for this totally sold out show.

The pairing of BB King and Buddy Guy actually worked quite well ... mainly because BB's stature as the "senior" bluesman meant that Buddy went on first. Which meant that he was sober! Sober Buddy always puts on a good performance ... Drunk Buddy ... well, let's not go there. Having Buddy go on first also had the reward of meaning that, with a shorter set, he didn't have time for as much of his painfully boring schtick, and had to get down to the business of performing, which he did admirably.

Buddy brought out 9 year old guitar prodigy Quinn Sullivan during his set. By the age of 21, this kid is either gonna be a legend, or a burn out of epic proportions.

BB came out, and I think I speak for most everyone there when I say that we'd be happy just to hear him sit and tell stories all night ... he may be infirm, but he still has what my buddy Andy calls "THE NOTE". Whenever I go to a show and I'm talking to Andy later, he'll ask "did you hear THE NOTE?". Well, BB still has it!

Later in the set, and apparently for the only show on this tour, Buddy and Sullivan came out to jam with BB on stage:

BB is a national treasure, and it's fantastic that he's still touring. It's not every day you get to see a couple legends (and a potential legend) on stage!


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