Sunday, November 09, 2008

Truckin' In Gotham

For the weekend of November 6-7, we had a Derek Trucks two-fer.

The first night's concert was held at the classy Highline Ballroom. As I was approaching the city coming up I-95, I got a phone call asking about my ETA and the ominous phrase "well you better get here fast because someone is hitting on me". Of course, it was all right, because the person doing the "hitting" was none other than Derek's dad Chris!

Even though the place was wall-to-wall packed, we used the Park magic to maneuver ourselves right down front by the Count (who looked as if he was perhaps ready for his nap!). It was a great, but in some ways reserved, show, and perhaps the highlight was a great performance of "Anyday", luckily found on the 'tube:

The next night's show was held at the Blender Theater at Gramercy. It's an old converted movie theater, and as such the floor slopes down toward the stage at a pretty steep angle. This makes for a nice viewing angle for the height challenged among us, but makes standing for an extended period somewhat problematic (shin splints, anyone?).

The vibe the second night was totally different, where the first show had a very laid back, groovy vibe, the next night's energy level was much higher.

The opening act was Eric Krazno's new band, "Chapter Two", and Kofi came out and sat in during their set:

Things really took off with the band on fire, including a nice sit down set of blues, featuring a blistering "Meet Me in the Bottom" which has the same riff EC used for If I Had Posession Over Judgment Day - talk about musical cross-pollination!

Later in the set, the members of Chapter Two joined DTB on stage, creating a long 3-song pre-and-post encore jam:

I shot tons of video that night, which can of course be found on the Geetarz YouTube page. And I did record the second night's show, which can be found at

It was a great weekend, enjoy!



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