Monday, October 20, 2008

Good Things Come in ... Twos?

As I suggested earlier this summer, "what's better than one Frampton show? TWO Frampton shows!", and continuing in that vein, if one Lindsey Buckingham show is good, two must be better, right?

Buckingham chose to end his tour at the Nokia Theater in Times Square. Stylistically from the decor it appears to be a classic from the early part of the century, but once you walk into the theater proper (which only seats 1,650) it's clear that it's totally a 21st century venue, with custom designed acoustic tile, and an incredible PA system that has to be heard to be believed. Really, it's almost more of a TV studio than a typical venue.

The crowd stayed seated (assisted in this by the zealous security) which led to the energy level from the band being a bit more muted than in the previous gig in Atlantic City but it certainly didn't reflect on the artist. There's a common thread that draws people to that athlete that throws themselves into harm's way with reckless abandon, the writer that suffers for the craft, and it comes through in Buckingham's sincerity. He spoke again about the commercial nature of the Fleetwood Mac "machine" (as he called it) and really seemed to enjoy just playing things he really wanted to play, with no real need to "sell" to this audience.

This is totally sickening guitar playing!

As usual we "personally upgraded" our seats, being familiar with the setlist we dodged the security (complete with going out one door, turning around, and coming back in as if we were returning to our seats!) and made it right up front.

Quite often I'll be at a show and hear a performer do something extraordinary, and there's part of me thinking "I sure hope this is being recorded for posterity". Then again, being a few feet away from Lindsey as he performed the final encore of
"Time Precious Time" was totally mesmerizing, and as we left, that was my first thought ... I don't *need* a recording of that. It'll be in my mind as if it were live, for the rest of my life!

It was a great show, also check out the other clips on youtube.



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