Friday, August 14, 2009

Help a Guy Out ...

Today I awoke to the news (big shocker) that Michael Vick has been signed to the Philadelphia Eagles.

This guy is a scumbag, and a thug, who electrocuted dogs with jumper cables and drowned them. And because he can THROW A BALL everything else is irrelevant.

We talk about how important sports are to kids, and how these people aren't just athletes, but role models embodying the values of teamwork, and discipline, and hard work.

Michael Vick is an example only that if you show some ability, you can do whatever you want and still become a millionaire athlete.

If you are so inclined, please send this to everyone you know. Let's help the integrity-challenged Philadelphia Eagles do something positive, instead of something negative. Let's help them to be better, by letting them know that actions count!

You can call, or write, or ... I mailed a can of dog food to the team at:

Philadelphia Eagles
NovaCare Complex
One NovaCare Way
Philadelphia, PA 19145

If you're so inclined, you can also phone them at:

Philadelphia Eagles Football Club
General Information: 215-463-2500

There's no reason why Michael Vick can't, since his "rehabilitation", do something besides football. Maybe - just maybe - he can live a normal life, with a normal wage, and be a normal person - is that option so bad?